The Second Start: Finding Joy in the New You by Tammy Lee Schumacher

The Second Start: Finding Joy in the New You by Tammy Lee Schumacher

This book is free on Amazon 7/24/2017 - 7/28/2017!

Tammy Lee Schumacher a teenage mom, now at the age of 55 has earned over 200 mom years with 5 children and 11 grandchildren. She knows what it takes to Make SHIFT Happen and listen to that inner compass even in the most uncertain and scariest of times. This book is about more than the journey of a 37-year marriage on the verge of destruction.

The Second Start is a raw and honest and at times explosive orgasmic roller coaster of a read, that lends to the reader clever and simple tips with deep insight on how to HAVE IT ALL. Tammy’s commitment to Divine Self-Expression comes through the pages as she shares her, “when real life hands you challenges” story and her commitment to her Truth, self-realization and the commitment to Trust she had to have in order to jump off the cliff numerous times in her life. Her courage and perseverance are astounding as you will see as she carries the message of empowerment and inner growth, especially of women into the world. Tammy’s refreshing outlook and rare openness packs a punch that you will surely remember, especially with her impactful and encouraging core message: “if I can you can”.

The Second Start is more than a book, it’s a movement geared to assist people who are waking up and are READY to claim their God-given Divine power, find your purpose and voice and let her rip and to start creating your Heaven on Earth, the life you love to live, with No More Excuses and truly celebrate your successes! Tammy Lee Schumacher is an author, healer, speaker, mentor, and teacher, inspiring and empowering others. To learn more about her programs, retreats and online courses visit

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