Walk A (New) Way - nonfiction / memoir by Nalini MacNab

Walk A (New) Way - nonfiction / memoir by Nalini MacNab

Sometimes a life journey takes us where there is no path, sometimes where paths find us and we join them for awhile or they join us as traveling companions. Then, for some, there comes a time of the unknown and the unscripted where we dance with the Infinite directly. SHE is quite the partner on any floor!

I spent many years attempting to walk traditional paths, including those of martial arts and information technology. I had great experiences. Whenever a path became comfortable and known it was time for a change!

This is a story of how light animates, amplifies, guides, directs, and finally, takes over if we decide to let that adventure happen. The Universe does not only have our backs, but our fronts and sides and everything in every direction. It has been my privilege to live this way.

And yes, beyond known places 'there be dragons'.  I met a few along the way, never by design, never quite by accident, and always glad of heart.
And the adventure continues...