Beastkeeper - Book 1 of The Maiden Medallions fantasy series by Edward Shawn

Beastkeeper - Book 1 of The Maiden Medallions fantasy series by Edward Shawn

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Do you have what it takes to save the world?

James Mason sure doesn’t but everyone wants him to try.

Hiking with friends in a dense region of woods, young Mr. Mason survives a harrowing experience and barely escapes the woods with his life. From that moment forward, his life spirals out of control as a strange message keeps intruding into his world. Only problem is, James doesn’t understand the meaning of the phrase, “find the medallion.”

As luck would have it, while searching for an item of value to sell in order to settle a debt, he finds a peculiar item hidden away in his deceased grandmother’s storage chest kept in the basement of his home. Whether by accident or fate the medallion is his now, and the journey of his life is about to begin.

But others are seeking the medallion as well. As dark forces draw close in search of his medallion, James has little choice but to accept the help being offered by a mysterious shaman and a strange old man keeping company with crows.

Beastkeeper is the first novel in The Maiden Medallions fantasy series. Elements of realism and fantasy entwined together, step into a world containing shamans and shape-shifters, alternate dimensions and the depths of space, magical artifacts and technological marvels all weaved together in a tale of love and loss, friendship and hope with nothing less than the fate of the world at stake.