Harold Hardscrabble by G. D. Dess

Harold Hardscrabble by G. D. Dess

Harold Hardscrabble is a novel that gathers its own momentum as we come to know Harold. We watch him deal with his work and family life and sense his growing disenchantment. Harold is dreamy like Walter Mitty but also has a side to him similar to the TV anchorman Howard Beal in the movie “Network” who realized life is just a joke, and gets everyone to lean out their windows and scream: "I’m mad as hell and… I'm not going to take this anymore!"

As the story progresses we see that indeed Harold can’t take it anymore, we just don’t know what he’ll do. And what he does do is shocking.

'Harold Hardscrabble' is an excellent, philosophical tale that explores the life of a brilliant, troubled man and his ups and downs. The reader can identify with many of the quandaries that tax the mind of Harold.The existential crises that haunt the titular character make him sympathetic and worth rooting for. The story bobs and weaves but never fails to hold the attention of the reader. A fine read. -- Manhattan Book Review

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