Fifty-one percent - A journey into Mediumship By Tony Garrod

Fifty-one percent - A journey into Mediumship By Tony Garrod

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A fascinating look at mediumship, psychics, a spiritualist college, a spiritualist circle, scientific theories and the paranormal.

In this book I describe the paranormal experiences I’ve encountered throughout my life, many of them would make any ghost hunter envious. I include the encounter I had with one entity that almost took my life. I also reveal psychic messages I’ve received & passed on that literally saved lives.

With all that I experienced I needed a way to understand and make sense of what was going on.

I attended a spiritualist college and circle and I give details of what I experienced. I also looked into the scientific world seeking answers but found that many scientific theories can seem as strange as all the paranormal phenomena I had experienced.

I haven’t, until now, been ready to share my experiences with anyone but I’m now ready to reveal them to you in this book.

So dive in and join me on my fascinating journey.