The Long Reach Back - Another can't put down novel by P J Paterson

The Long Reach Back - Another can't put down novel by P J Paterson

Sequel to "And Don't forget The Roses"!

Two people who met in bizarre circumstances and asked nothing more from each other than a platonic friendship, never imagined that two years later to the day, they would be married.

The path to Sam and Penny’s long awaited wedding seemed clear of obstacles but despite meticulous planning, storm clouds were gathering on the horizon.

Approached by the British police and the American DEA, Sam is cajoled into helping save the life of a five year old boy who is being held captive by a man from his distant past. Powerless to do otherwise, Sam is forced to open his Pandora’s box of nightmares in order to confront him. To do so, he must take the long reach back and put his trust in someone he once thought of as a friend but who had deserted him leaving Sam physically scarred for life.

As an accomplished actor, Penny is more than able to portray a character, to act the part. But when she finds herself confronted with life or death situations that she is ill equipped to deal with, she must play her part for real.

The Author – Patrick J Paterson.

Born in Marylebone, London in 1955, he spent his formative years in a small fishing village on the breathtaking River Fowey in Cornwall.

It was no wonder that, with the saltiness of the sea air his constant companion he joined the merchant navy.  From cook to deckhand, quartermaster and first mate his years at sea were some of his happiest…and darkest.