Forgotten Boxes by Becki Willis

Forgotten Boxes by Becki Willis

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I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing -- and researching -- it.

I love to visit the New England area, particularly in the fall of the year when the colors and the air are so crisp and inviting. I am enchanted by the process of sugarmaking and the delicious simplicity of its products. A local sugarmaker was kind enough to educate me on the art and craft of creating maple syrup, and I shared some of that sweet magic in my story.

The real story, however, is in the boxes. The idea for this book blossomed when I saw a box alongside the highway. It appeared to be still intact, as if it had fallen off a delivery truck. What was inside that box? I wondered. What about the person who was expecting it? What would they think when it did not arrive? What if it that boxed contained something vitally important? Could one undelivered box change a person's life? I had to know the answers. If not for that particular box, then for the countless boxes floating around out there without an owner.

This is the story of four such boxes, undelivered and forgotten over time. When Charity Gannon discovers the parcels in her aunt's barn, she sets out to find their rightful owners. She thought it might be fun to see the people's reactions when she presented their delivery to them, some thirty years later. She thought it might be rewarding; not in a monetary sense, but on an emotional and conscientious level.

Come along as Charity delivers these Forgotten Boxes. Discover which one holds a love story, which one holds heartache. And see how something as simple as a botched delivery can alter a person's life forever.

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