Lilith's Fall - a science fiction romance by Susan Trombley

Lilith's Fall - a science fiction romance by Susan Trombley

When Lilith Galeron—a gifted computer engineer—is arrested for a crime she didn’t commit by the brutal regime that controls Dome City, she has no idea what will become of her. People arrested by the Peace Keepers have a habit of disappearing.

When her captors throw her into a cell with a demon, she’s terrified by his fearsome aspect. She expects him to kill her, but Ranove is not the monster she believes him to be. His people are the Umbrose, an alien race that has warred with humanity for generations, leading to their species being condemned by mankind as demons. 

Ranove's captors have starved him and tortured him, but they have not broken him. When they devise a new way of torturing him by casting a human into his cell with him, he fears that they might finally succeed, but not in the way they expected. They’d hoped he would kill her and eat her flesh. Instead, he seeks to protect her from their abuse, suffering their wrath in her stead.

Despite how different they are from each other, an attraction sparks between Lilith and Ranove that cannot be denied by either of them. When they escape their captivity together, Lilith learns that the world beyond Dome City is far different than what she'd been told, and she's no longer sure who the bad guys are, but she's afraid she might be falling for one.

Will they live long enough for the passion that ignites between them to grow into something deeper?

This futuristic alien romance is the beginning of the Shadows of Sanctuary series where a new couple finds happiness in each book.