Of Gods, Trees, and a Sapling - An LGBT-Friendly Young-Adult Fantasy by Adolfo Garza jr

Of Gods, Trees, and a Sapling - An LGBT-Friendly Young-Adult Fantasy by Adolfo Garza jr

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Things seem to be going well for Aeron and the Dragon Craft Guild as a whole, but life never sits still. Troubles arise all over the continent and the guild will need to muster all its members’ strengths to overcome them. And life doesn’t just change for those living on planet Lethera. Breaking the rules, whether you are human, dragon, or even a god, has consequences.

Ulthis, The Trickster to many, Bearer of Lightning to others, finds this out in rather spectacular fashion. Stripped of powers and many of his memories, Ulthis is transformed, reduced to being one of those humans on Lethera, one of those creatures of his own creation. In order to regain his place among those humans call gods, he must live as a human. And die as one. But how? He knows nothing of living as one of them, and his new human body looks young, frail, and he’s alone. A parting gift for him might make it a little easier. A beautiful dragon is brought back from beyond death as his companion. Ulthis chooses a new name for himself, because in this form he is no longer the Allfather. And Malina, Mother of the First to Bond, doesn’t want to use her old name either. Together, with new names for their new lives, they head in search of the Dragon Craft Guild where he hopes to find direction, a way to live as a human. But it has been a month since he was ripped from the universe and transformed. What has happened in the time since with Aeron and Anaya and the guild?

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Customer reviews of this book:

Amazon Customer (Customer review on Amazon.com)
Best yet!!!!!! – “When I first found Dragonlinked, I fell in love with the characters and the story, reading my adoption again and again. As the series has grown, the characters have as well and I feel like the, $3.99 was it, that I paid for this book is a TENTH of its worth. Of Gods, Trees, and a Sapling, expands Garza's universe in the spirit of the books that precede it. Not only do the characters and the guild grow, but so does the world that they exist in. The complexity of this story, with all its separate plot points that converge beautifully, is magnificent!”

RPG94 (Customer review on Amazon.com)
Great! – “Excellent read; I laughed, I cried and I was happy at the end. Love this series; can't wait for the next one.”

Customer review of the series:

Audrey Muenz (Customer review on Amazon.com)
Really enjoying this series – “I read [Dragonlinked] in just a couple of sittings, it was entertaining and I immediately bought the second book to read. I like the characters and the settings. Reminded me of Anne McCaffrey's dragon series which I grew up reading and love to this day, Can't wait for more of this series!”

Dragonlinked Chronicles is an lgbt-friendly young-adult fantasy series.

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