Walk-In Investigations: A Paranormal Detective Mystery by Joyce Kostakis

Walk-In Investigations: A Paranormal Detective Mystery by Joyce Kostakis

Dying was the break she needed…

Or so she thought. Homicide Detective Katie Hanson prided herself on being an advocate for the dead. She had no idea dying would take that to a completely new level. A near death experience has added a new skill to her crime-solving abilities… she can channel the dead.

When she returns home from the hospital, she realizes the door to the spirit world remained open... wide open. Now she hears voices, sees things that are not there. These aren't just any voices.  The murder victims of her Department's cold cases are haunting her. They are loud and relentless and will not take no for an answer. To silence them she must solve the case.

Luckily, she has help from her psychic friend Vicky, who helps her navigate the waters of being a medium.

Katie thinks channeling the dead will close out her cold cases in record time. She is dead wrong. Things are not what they seem. In fact, it made matters worse. Now she has two suspects. Nothing about the investigation is clear-cut. It turns out that a dead person’s memory of the events can be as flawed as the living. The testimony does not match the evidence. She wants to believe the deceased, but the evidence doesn't support the account. Will channeling the dead lead her to the truth or cause her to arrest an innocent man?