Leftover Girl - young adult by C.C. Bolick

Leftover Girl - young adult by C.C. Bolick

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When Jes's dad gives her twenty minutes to pack, she expects a late-night move to another backwoods town she's never heard of. She doesn't expect to wake up in her mom's hometown, not after her parents have crisscrossed the country in an effort to keep people from finding out who she is. This move will be permanent if Jes can keep the secret of her adoption.

Keeping secrets in her mom's hometown won't be easy. For the first time, Jes has real friends who want to know about her past. She begins to fall for the football star and the ultimate lie - that her life could be normal.

Normal except for the strange guy who follows her around. Despite how he acts like a stalker at times, something about him seems familiar and she's determined to learn his secrets. As she's drawn into his mission to find a missing girl, nightmares begin of her running away as a child, which leave Jes to question the story of her adoption. What really happened the night she appeared on that dark highway?

As Jes will learn, truth comes at a cost. But is it worth giving up everyone she loves?

If you enjoy a mystery with romance, high school drama, and a sci-fi twist, this series might be for you.