Legends of Avalon: Atlantis - a wondrous epic fantasy by Estarosa Evans

Legends of Avalon: Atlantis - a wondrous epic fantasy by Estarosa Evans

A hundred thousand years ago the ‘Ancients’ came to the land of Avalon where they started life and built civilizations. The five city-states that they first built became the five Big Nations: Atlantis, Alfheim, Escanor, Camelot and Nysia. These Big Nations then became the catalyst trough which other nations rose and civilization spread. The Ancients gave the races of Avalon knowledge, science, technology and most valuable of all the power to manipulate Aura, the life-force of Avalon. For a long time, Avalon prospered in what would later be known as the Age of the Ancients.

This golden age came to an end when demons appeared on Avalon in what would be known as the First Blight. Evil and vile, the demons destroyed what the Ancients built. Wherever they went, they brought death and destruction. In order to protect the ‘Children of Light’ as the Ancients called the races of Avalon, they battled against and defeated the demons. What remained of the demon hordes were exiled to Tartarus, a punishing and forsaken world. The Ancients then built an impenetrable barrier around Tartarus to ensure that no demon can cross over into Avalon.

After restoring peace to Avalon, the Ancients departed but not before imparting their most valuable gift – the Academies – for the Ancients knew that the demons would one day return to Avalon. The five Academies, built in the five Big Nations became the centers for training Heroes, the guardian of Avalon.

Much of history following the departure of the Ancients was lost to time and the wars between the people of Avalon that followed, and the Age of the Ancients was but a fairy tale sung in lullabies. Even the Second Blight that almost destroyed Avalon was lost to history which was why the people of Avalon were unprepared for the Third Blight when it came.
It took the combined powers of all the nations of Avalon and the five Academies to fight against the demon hordes led by the Shadow Wraith but it was not until the Shadow Wraith was defeated in the Battle of Escanor did the Third Blight finally come to an end. The Hero who defeated the Shadow Wraith and ended the Third Blight – Hero ‘Ray’ Raiton Etheria became known as the legendary hero who saved the world.

Now three years after the Battle of Escanor, Avalon was once again at peace. However, Ray is suddenly plagued by dark dreams that remind him of the war. After he is sent on a secret mission to rescue Princess ‘Elle’ Elizabeth Marion de Lyon of Lyonesse, Ray discovers that the demon threat is not yet over and that something worse than a Blight might be coming.

The Academies and the governments of the world however refuse to believe that the peace they now have could be coming to an end and that they would need to face the horrors of war again. Thus, in order to free Lyonesse from its demon overlords and prevent a calamity that could destroy all of Avalon, Ray and Elle and their band of Heroes must travel through the wondrous world of Avalon and the other worlds around it to find the Pillars of Hope which are their only hope of defeating the demons.

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