New Alcatraz: Dark Time by Grant Pies

New Alcatraz: Dark Time by Grant Pies

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Time Travel, Murder Mystery, Prison Break. This is the first book in the exciting New Alcatraz Trilogy.

In the year 2070, once time travel is perfected, the oppressive government has created a penal colony thousands of years in the future, called New Alcatraz. Powell, a failing attorney, is accused of the gruesome murder and dissection of a federal agent, and he is sent to the future wasteland prison, expected to die in a matter of days. But once there, Powell encounters another prisoner, who he knows from his past and claims he can break them out of the future prison.

Now hopeful to survive, Powell sets out to travel back to his present time and discover who framed him for murder. But to do so, Powell must unravel the mysteries that surround this particular crime, while also confronting the mysteries of his past.

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