Going Gone - a Thrilling Anthology by Abraham Lopez

Going Gone - a Thrilling Anthology by Abraham Lopez

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“Going Gone” is an anthology about connections, modern America, and what a future could be like if a calamity were to befall the world as we know it.

This anthology is set in the present, and follows 12 separate storylines that are all connected, in one way or another, to the assassination of a world leader that occurs in the first story.

Some of the stories involve those at high positions of power and influence, and examines their reaction to the assassination. Others, such as “Showtime” and “Snow Mesa”, are only tangentially affected.

“Showtime”, for example, is a narrative about a self-destructive lead singer of a rock band, who is only minutes from taking the stage at arena full of fans. It describes his interaction with the rest of his band, who loathe him, and the result of a show that ends in a most unexpected way.

The settings for these stories vary from the Middle East, to secret military bunkers, to Hollywood, to a cult’s compound in Northern California, to an orbiting satellite.

This anthology is about human truths as much as it is about anything. It’s about what we have in common, and who we are as individuals and as societies, when all is lost.