Party Sexcapade - (Quickies Book 2) in the urban erotica adventure series by Dusky Skye LeRock

Party Sexcapade - (Quickies Book 2) in the urban erotica adventure series by Dusky Skye LeRock

We invite you to curl up with your lover, your hot sexy desire, and hobnob at the swinging scorching high society party in the heart of London.  A delicious, sensual, breathtaking erotic romance with sexually charged intense, steamy sex and a double whammy of voyeurism as six smoking hot strangers get the ride of their lives.
Tiffany, an eye candy goddess of desire, has her wicked way with Olivia’s tattooed bad boy, biker boyfriend, Jesse.  Their teasing banter leads to a sexually charged; no holds barred encounter in the white oak Georgian entry hallway as she wraps her sumptuous mouth and gorgeous long-legs around his thrusting body.

Meanwhile Olivia an Oxford grad, bored and rejected by her boyfriend Jesse strips down to her bustier and decides to take a short nap.  Olivia’ awakens in the dark to the warmth of strange hands touching her deliciously, enticing her, leading her to orgasm in her darkest erotic fantasy.  A smoking hot ab rippling stranger ravishes her wildly sending her into ecstatic ecstasy.  Will she scream for him to stop?
Outside watching through the window, Willow, a smoldering gypsy, and Ethan a husky chiseled rugby player from Twickenham, explode with voyeuristic desire as they watch Olivia’s vibrating awakening.  Ethan straddled behind kneeling Willow, his hands wrapped around her see their images reflected in the French doors with Olivia, being ridden, panting in the bedroom beyond.  Will Willow and Ethan get it off?  Will they discover each other, and see it all?

The party crescendos with a with a ravishing ending as Emily and Charles take the last curtain call of delight.

A Page-turner, Pandora’s box is open!  Who will do who next and who is watching?  Who will fall in love?  Who will break up?  A fun erotic short story fantasy!  Sinfully outrageous, sexy, and yummy in all the right places.  You’ll tingle from cover to cover with this intense, steamy deliciously breathtaking erotic romance charged with sensual voyeurism.

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