Harvest Sky - fantasy by Hunter McEgan

Harvest Sky - fantasy by Hunter McEgan

Inentis is a world where entities including luck and existence think for themselves, and they’ll change their minds on a whim and slap a jinx on you if they decide you’re enjoying an undeserved good day. The planet’s population is so superstitious that saying something as foolish as, “What could possibly go wrong?” would most likely land the offender in a windowless prison-cell for life—if they’re lucky.

Eleven-Year-Old Tiernan and his mother, Glenna, live in Prywonder, the only known place supernatural beings can’t touch. When Glenna receives a plea for help she can’t ignore, she leaves Tiernan with Zandra, their foolhardy friend.

But Zandra’s on a mission of her own. What starts as a fool’s errand unravels into a hunt for a deadly myth. While Zandra strives to defeat the threat, Tiernan may become the one who holds the clues to everyone’s survival. Will he figure them out in time?

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