Saint John Lennon - a "what if" Lennon is alive, fantasy by Daniel Hartwell

Saint John Lennon - a what if Lennon is alive, fantasy by Daniel Hartwell

The world is rocked as John Lennon returns in 2020 through a wrinkle time! He has missed 40 years of music, culture and technology! John goes back on his mission of peace, love and music! Can you say Beatles Reunion? Driverless cars? How about John traveling to space with Richard Branson?

John and Yoko meet with Trump for a hilarious and gripping experience at the White House!

This controversial time travel epic is a page turner on pace with James Patterson!

Whether you are a Sci-fi fan, Beatle maniac or you imagine changing the world one song at a time, you will never be the same after reading this novel!

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