A Penny For Her Heart - A mind-bending mystery by Alretha Thomas

A Penny For Her Heart - A mind-bending mystery by Alretha Thomas

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Vanessa Johnson Rossi and her BFF, Penelope Newhouse, work as assistants in city hall in a small town. The women dream of leaving their small-town jobs to join the ranks of the movers and shakers in Washington, D.C. as chief of staff to the POTUS. When a position opens in the mayor’s office, both women vie for the job that would put them a step closer to their goals because the mayor has ties to the White House. When the voluptuous Penelope nabs the job, Vanessa is heartbroken. Not only does Vanessa have seniority but she’s more qualified. Nonetheless, she celebrates Penelope’s success while working hard to realize her own dream. But her dream turns into a nightmare when shortly thereafter, Penny is found murdered less than a hundred feet from the office Vanessa dreamed of occupying.

Detective Rachel Storme and her team are put on the case and she soon finds herself delving into the underbelly of politics in search of the killer. The clues point to a litany of suspects, including the mayor. As usual, Detective Storme is determined to solve this case—a case so chock-full of dark and sinister twists and turns, it has her questioning her own competence.

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