The Defiled - An apocalyptic biblical horror by Sean Deville

The Defiled - An apocalyptic biblical horror by Sean Deville

The bible warns of many things.  It warns of the 666 seals holding shut the Gates of Hell.  It warns of the return of Lucifer and of the 7 plagues that will be unleashed when the apocalypse descends.  But it never warned humanity when those events would unfold, so mankind was innocent to the coming terror when the first plague was unleashed upon man.

Mankind never stood a chance.

Waking from a coma in a Cambridge hospital bed, Charles Grader, Emeritus Professor of Abrahamic studies, must uncover the truth of the Seven Plagues if he has any chance to survive.  With the help of a mysterious (and utterly deadly) stranger that has been secretly watching him for years, he must escape the limitations of his own ravaged body and flee across the country to find sanctuary. 

For he is one of the Chosen...and only the Chosen can be saved.  And all the while, the forces of darkness continue to tighten their grip on a sleeping and unsuspecting planet.  As the days pass, the gates of hell creak with the weight of damnation being pressed against them. 

Hell is coming to Earth. 

Who will survive the Seven Plagues of the Revelations of St John...and who would even want to.