Accidental Fiancé - a romance book by R.R. Banks

Accidental Fiancé - a romance book by R.R. Banks

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"My cheating ex will be there. Please help me..."

Roxie needed a date for a wedding.
Bored with my billions, I agreed to play along.
I'll pretend to be her boyfriend.
One week, no strings attached.
Sounds easy enough, right?

Then I saw her for the first time.
Sexy as hell with a fiery personality to match.
I knew I had to make her mine.
Claim every inch of her sweet curves.
F*ck boyfriend. I'll take it even farther.
I'll be the perfect fake fiancé.
Tell her friends and family all the right things.
Take care of her like no other man could.
She'll forget all about her lying ex.
But Roxie found out my secret. And ran.
I can't let her go.

Will she forgive my secret or will it cost me everything?