Magoch: Young and Lost in a New Era - a depressingly hilarious fantasy by N.R. Lovitt

Magoch: Young and Lost in a New Era - a depressingly hilarious fantasy by N.R. Lovitt

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A very vulgar teenaged mage by the name of Ezreth curses up a storm until he finally figures out where he is. Making several mistakes along the way, he creates a massive magical event that shatters the normal reality for the people of Cepha, handing a lucky majority magical powers to play with. Among those mistakes, he tags along with a retail worker who badgers and annoys him about his magic, wanting to learn what he does so naturally.

Afflicted with an ailment of unknown origin which temporarily forces her to behave how a child would, Ms. Vulpine, a mysterious member of a wealthy family with a past of chronicling becomes fixated on Ezreth, wanting to find out who he is and where he's from. While her new assistant, Sam grows increasingly interested in her as she tries to unravel her boss’s well-kept secrets. Wise to it all, Ms. Vulpine toys with her, giving her halves of puzzle pieces.

Chip, a disturbed highschooler in his final year, wanders through life wearing headphones, ignoring what everyone says. When he is finally given the spotlight he never asked for, he's forced to choose a path to walk at the forked intersection. Use his newfound power for good or evil. But after he ignores the previous sentence, the author punishes him by putting him in the worst situations imaginable. He must learn to deal with being a main character and the responsibility that comes with it.

See how these three stories weave in and out of each other seamlessly in this unforgiving and brutal world.

Magoch is a dialogue-heavy urban fantasy that offers a true taste of how teenagers behave at the age, through realistic dialogue and interactions. It's filled with comedic moments and subtle Meta humor, making fun of certain aspects of the genre.