Maga High - a sunny, funny chick lit by Lindzi Mayann

Maga High - a sunny, funny chick lit by Lindzi Mayann

This is the tale of Jodie discovering party destination Magaluf as a tourist- then deciding, frankly, she doesn't want to go home, yet! She's already gotten more than she bargained for on a rowdy booze cruise and found out why her holiday buddy is so against sleeping with PR's. She's been forced to do some soul searching and fresh from a rotten relationship she decides she wants to stay!

But that means working on the strip... What job could she do... a shot girl, a PR, a pole dancer! The workers are crazy, confident and sexy, could she really be like them?

The temptation to stay, party and meet more new people is overwhelming. She's getting a taste for this lifestyle. But with highs, come lows. It's not all plain sailing but it's hilarious and wild along the way...

Get set to uncover a new side to your holiday. Written by somebody with experience in this setting and with a passion for good, fun stories.

Contains adult themes and language to suit.