The Advocate, a plot-twisting suspense thriller by Lori Lacefield

The Advocate, a plot-twisting suspense thriller by Lori Lacefield

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Meet Palmer Reed. Palmer has a chip on her shoulder. The men who kidnapped her as a young child never received punishment for their crimes.

Meet Marjoram Swall. Marjoram is known as "The Vindicator", a woman who chairs a foundation dedicated to helping crime victims. Palmer is reunited with Marjoram, who assisted in Palmer’s rescue twenty years earlier, when the woman invites her to join the foundation’s board of directors. Palmer readily accepts, thinking that working with other victims will aid in dealing with her own dark past. But as she’s cast into Marjoram’s elite world of galas and fundraisers, she begins to sense a disturbing truth - there is much more to her mentor than meets the eye. From using blackmail to raise money for their cause to accidental deaths that seem to be anything but accidental, Palmer learns what really lies beneath the foundation’s surface - her mentor’s propensity to take justice to the ultimate level - murder. Yet, to expose the truth will put Palmer’s life, as well as the lives of others she loves, on the line and uncover the dirty secrets about the events surrounding her past.

In The Advocate, betrayal and revenge make sure that nobody plays by the rules in this twisting, turning ride where extortion, murder, and lovers past and present collide. The plot leaves you asking, what lengths would you go to seek justice? Discover the Women of Redemption, a new page-turning suspense series featuring women who aren't perfect, but who perfectly kick-ass when given a second chance!

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