Jay Monty's Good Health Book: Importance of Water by Jameson C. Montgomery

Jay Monty's Good Health Book: Importance of Water by Jameson C. Montgomery

Jay Monty's Good Health Book collection will feature 4 editions to the Good Health Book series!

Let's all admit, we have seen more people attend to their health and those presumed remedies more in this generation than we ever have! While strolling through the numerous of health-related fads and top 10 list of do nots with my 2 year old Son, I longed for a book I could introduce to him on keeping good health habits. Surprisingly, I did not see even 1 book for his age group! When stumbling across a few remotely close, they were so advanced I had to Google a few of the words. Inflam-who? Just kidding! Any who, to make a long story short, I wanted him to start young with keeping those good habits. No diets or nonsense, but the basics, like drinking plenty of water. That is when I discovered I wanted to write a health book series for children and only children!

Yes parents, I make sure to defend you all a lot as well in these series. Sometimes a child will listen to a book before they listen to their parents. If you want a very basic educational approach to setting your child with good health rituals and knowledge, this is that book. Together we can help every kid know why you're telling them to do things instead of them just obeying. Check out the Jay Monty's Good Health Book series. We will be releasing the next editions throughout this year as well, so stay tuned! Take care and keep 'Good Health.'

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