Karma's Envoy - an engaging thriller by Kevan Houser

Karma's Envoy - an engaging thriller book promotion sites

People who find this unique thriller rave about it! It's as hard to describe as it is to put down!

“This mesmerizing story is so polished that it seems unlikely it's a first novel.”
“What a great book! What a gripping story! You really can't put this book down.”

A seemingly ordinary 21st century man inexplicably wakes up as an 8-year-old boy in 1962. A tragedy in his "new" family sets him on the path to confront an unspeakable evil fated to kill him. How can a skinny little kid defend himself? Can his knowledge of the future save his life?

The story sucks you in with its rich details and snarky humor balancing the suspense and harrowing evil. You will be surprised and you will enjoy the journey.

“A brilliantly written book with an intriguing story line. A time-travel fantasy mixed with the mind-boggling plot about a full-grown adult waking up in a child's body. It's hilarious and fascinatingly exciting at the same time.”