The Ordinary life by Mario Kiefer

The Ordinary life book promotion Mario Kiefer

When Lucia married the rancher’s son, she thought her life would be perfect. How was she to know otherwise?

When his mother took Julian away from his father, he felt unwanted and unloved; jealous of a younger brother who seemed to be the golden child. Until that day when the hidden hand that moved them on their journey was finally laid to bare.

As Mateo struggled to grow from boy to man, the challenges of his past always got in the way of his journey. If ever he was to traverse his future, he had to first learn to move beyond his past.

A memorable tale about complex yet lovable people, dealing with the best and the worst of what humanity has to face, “The Ordinary Life” spans multiple generations and recounts the stories of hard-working people overcoming the most difficult challenges that life has to offer.

What people are saying about this book:

“This book by Mario Kiefer is haunting, sad, and beautiful all at the same time . . . What a read!! Make sure you pick this book up and get to reading!!” - Brandi Perry

“There are very few books that come along that leave a lasting impression on you. "The Ordinary Life," by Mario Kiefer, is definitely not one to let escape you” - Heather Williams Harrell

“Mario Kiefer has truly accomplished a work of literary fiction that simultaneously lays bare the basest inner workings of the human mind while at the same time celebrating the resiliency of the human spirit. “ - CB

“The Ordinary Life” by Mario Kiefer had me hooked at page one. . .  The ending is perfect: unexpected but wonderful, creative and true to the story. This is an interesting study of the human condition, and how Mr. Kiefer encourages the reader to examine aspects of life they can identify with, have seen or judged in others or pondered over time. The writing style . . . shows a truth about life that Mr. Kiefer knows and poignantly tells us. I think it is well worth the read.”  - Liz