In Your Tummy - a children's book by Courtney Sexton

In Your Tummy - a children's book discount promotion Courtney Sexton

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The story begins with Nori working in her garden so that she can prepare a meal for friends. Readers discover the friends that Nori has been diligently preparing the meal for are actually the symbiotic, or beneficial, microbes residing in her tummy. The book then outlines the importance and function of these beneficial microbes, with a particular focus on how children can care for the friends in their own tummy. In an attempt to facilitate conversation among children and their caregivers, Nori concludes the story by asking readers about their favorite fruits and vegetables. In this fun, engaging and colorful picture book, children ages 3-7 will relate to Nori as she teaches them the importance and function of their microbiome or 'tummy friends.’ The book also includes recipes and an activity to help parents make eating healthy fun!