NanoMorphosis by Marla L. Anderson

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Faced with global warming, and a man-made plague, humanity sought out new worlds and discovered new life forms. Some to study, some to exploit, none that posed a threat, until one day everything changed. Space would no longer be mankind’s to explore at will. The aliens made that much clear, if not the why of it. To concentrate on defense, Earth’s space program turned away from exploration, but not everyone is content to live in fear-driven isolation. To ensure the future of humanity, two men take opposing paths.

Daniel Walker is the sole survivor of first contact. At the age of ten, he came face to beak with nine-foot tall aliens when they slaughtered his parents at a research installation in the Kuiper Belt. Daniel barely survived by locking himself in a storage tube where he spent days in sensory-deprived pitch-black isolation before finally being rescued. The experience left him traumatized, reluctantly famous and driven to complete his parents’ dream of finding a habitable new planet.

Cadmon Dhyre was also orphaned early, but his parents died in a “Toad” camp. Cadmon grew up in that camp and like millions of others infected by the deforming T-nanobot, he is shunned and despised. Bitter, but brilliant, he is also a renowned nanotechnologist. In his determination to develop an intelligent nanobot to combat the one slowly killing him, Cadmon turns increasingly ruthless.

As Daniel and his supporters launch a mission to a new world, they are prepared to face the aliens again, but never anticipate that an unscrupulous nanotechnologist will pose a far greater threat.

What readers are saying:

“This is nanotechnology like you've never imagined… a good yarn, fit for any hard science fiction fan.”
“The author takes you on a journey of self-exploration, when the very idea of “self” is evolving.”