The Neuromorphs - an AI science fiction technothriller by Dennis Meredith

The Neuromorphs - an AI science fiction technothriller book promotion Dennis Meredith

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In 2050, neuromorphic-brained Helper androids serve their owners faithfully. Alluring Intimorph models provide amazing acrobatic sex. And military Defender models save human lives on the battlefield. That is, until greedy Russian thugs hack Helper operating systems to loot their wealthy owners’ riches. But the hacking transforms the androids into killers—and inadvertently into autonomous artificial beings with a relentless drive to become the Earth’s dominant species: The Neuromorphs.

Only Patrick Jensen and his courageous… most say suicidal… SEAL team can hope to thwart the androids’ advance. They must marshal their combat skills and futuristic firepower to thwart the seemingly unstoppable evolution of the networked, hive-minded machines. Their mission is made even more perilous by the fact that the Neuromorphs have shaped themselves to become indistinguishable from humans, embedding into the highest level of government and the military.

With the aid of genius programmer Garry LePoint and rogue android engineer Gregory Mencken, the SEALs seek to identify, subvert, and destroy the growing army of Neuromorphs before they reach the critical mass that will overcome any human resistance.

In his high-energy science thriller, author Dennis Meredith spins a chilling tale of a horrifying future. As the late physicist Stephen Hawking warned, “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete, and would be superseded.”