Wild Children: A Story of Loss, Redemption, and the Hunger for Eternal Life by Hannah Ross

Wild Children: A Story of Loss, Redemption, and the Hunger for Eternal Life free book promotion Hannah Ross

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In a divided, post-war world, reproduction is strictly controlled for those who live safe lives within the Boundary. Transgressions, like a third child, are severely punished with taxes so high, none dare break the rules. But accidents happen. And when it happens to Rebecca, she desperately wants to rebel, to keep her third child, her Benjamin. But eventually wisdom and reason prevail. She can't see her family ruined.  So with her heart breaking, she surrenders him to be raised in a state orphanage and lead a life of drudgery working in a state factory. But unlike other women in her position, she quietly keeps track of him until one day, twelve years after his birth, he and nine others board a bus and are driven away. Desperate to know where he was taken, she learns a terrible secret - that the children were bussed outside the Boundary and abandoned there, to live or die on their own.

While the children do their best to battle the elements, to find food and shelter and survive in the wild, Rebecca begins learning secrets the rulers in the White Tower want to protect at any cost. She meets a professor who is developing a serum that will change the world - but only for the ruling class who plan to keep it for themselves and use it to enhance their wealth and power.

As she keeps digging, and as she determines to one day cross the Boundary and find the lost son she prays has somehow survived, Rebecca learns just how far evil men will go to protect their privilege and wealth and gain the secret of eternal life.