Spells of the Curtain: Court Mage - A Fantasy Adventure by Tim Niederriter

Spells of the Curtain: Court Mage - A Fantasy Adventure book promotion Tim Niederriter

What does a wizard do when he graduates from mage's college?

Though he was once a tribeless orphan, this is the question that Edmath Donroi answers.

In Edmath's case, he seeks to join the imperial court of Zel to shape new hybrid creatures, mobile trees, and serve his nation. As one of the most qualified mages of his class, he may be an overconfident and ill-mannered but neither quality if unearned.

Nonetheless, danger always rears its head, even in the heart of the empire.

Edmath and must contend with deadly foreign mages, massive six-headed foxes, and his the trouble his own tongue too-often lands him in or he will regret trying to pursue his dream.

Shapeshifting nobility and living magic, promising future and painful past, Edmath must engage with all of them if he is to survive and thrive.

And what lies beyond the mystic curtains of the material world?

Court Mage is a fast-paced story that begins the ongoing Spells of the Curtain series, perfect for readers who enjoy Brandon Sanderson and Steven Brust. Wit and magic await!