IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING kindle book promotion Lee J. Minter

Solo Chase is a man with a past that is almost as frightening as the ex-lover he left behind. Destination: Harper Creek, South Dakota. What do you get when you have two "Serial Killers"  at large in a small town  with completely different M.O.'s and the local cops don't know which one of them will strike again or first? Pandemonium. Halloween is right around the corner in this usually peaceful little town but so is the next "Blood Moon" that one particular resident has been waiting patiently for its arrival to fulfill their chosen destiny and will let nothing or no one get in the way of executing their  diabolical plans.

Now, instead of escaping trouble, Solo finds himself in the middle of death and destruction and a possible "Murder Suspect" in a series of unexplainable homicides. But Harper Creek also has another special resident that might be the key to solving all this mayhem and madness before death strikes again. That resident is "Samantha Jackson" now see where it all begins before the next blood moon rises "In Sheep's Clothing." The New Edition.