Not An Accident - mystery by Tampa Tyson

Not An Accident - mystery book promotion Tampa Tyson

If you are looking for a murder mystery, do not read this. You will probably be disappointed. Having said that, Not  An Accident, a story about a girl waking up in the hospital with a broken wrist and trying to figure out what happened to her, has successfully managed to hit the Top Bestsellers List on Amazon, August 2018. Book is Available on KDP Select.


10-year-old Gabby Myers used to be an avid skier.   But when the day of her final ski tournament arrives, Gabby finds herself waking up in the hospital instead of her own bed,  with a broken wrist and little memory of how she’d gotten there.   Even worse, none of those around her know what happened nor how long she’s going to be in a cast for.

Unable to ski because of her broken wrist, Gabby finds her life growing more boring and tedious by the second.  That is, until her old assistant ski coach, Kayla Phipps, shows up in her room. With her new friend's assistance, Gabby discovers a new passion for living, that is, as long as nobody discovers what she’s doing.

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