Out of time - Contemporary Crime Fiction by Phillip Johnstone

Out of time - Contemporary Crime Fiction ebook promotion Phillip Johnstone

Out of time, a look under the edges of society. J Reacher meets A Mole.

Ordinary guy Jonathan Deigh attempts to find his daughter, the Vory, a Chechen terrorist cell and a compromised MI5 boss stand in his way.

Consider a world where many of us are only one emergency from domestic meltdown, then this story will prick at the fabric of your own social stability.

With his future in tatters and no real stake in mainstream society Jonathan Deigh wants nothing more than to reset his life back in the UK. and establish a relationship with a daughter, with whom over the years, he's had minimal contact.

Discovering the bound and gagged, drug damaged DI. Anna Markov, in the back of a van belonging to his new boss, club owner Adam Levi, drags Deigh into a world of organised crime and the fallout from a terrorist plot. His efforts to untangle himself from his ruthless paymaster and achieve justice along the way, only serves to draw his daughter into harm's way.

Outside of the protection of the law, an unlikely alliance between Deigh and Markov sees them struggle to compete at the most brutal levels of criminality in order to battle an organization with no lower limits.