Foundation Focus Freedom: The 3 STEP PROCESS for Transforming your Mindset, Overcoming your Fears and Harnessing Unimaginable Success by Terence Young, M.D.

Foundation Focus Freedom: The 3 STEP PROCESS for Transforming your Mindset, Overcoming your Fears and Harnessing Unimaginable Success kindle book promotion Terence Young, M.D.

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Do you let your fears hold you back from achieving what you desire?

Have you started to go for your goals and encountered setbacks?

Do you know what the most important tool is that you need for success?

Learn from an enhanced concept of Be, Do & Have.  Who do you need to BE, what do you DO to HAVE what you desire in life?

However, during my coaching and mentoring, I have found this definition to be incomplete.  After studying the habits of successful people, I have discovered 2 common factors that help bring people’s success to the next level.  And once you understand them and incorporate them in your life, you will begin to discover the inner potential within.  The dreams and desires that are just waiting to be born.  What are these 2 things?  Discover them within the book and discover how close you really are towards success!

So, the purpose of this book is to provide you with a simple system and pathway that will support and guide you, as it has me and those that I have worked with. I will help you to overcome your fears and challenges in life, conceive your dreams and deliver an enhanced version of you.

You will develop the proper mindset to focus on your success.

You will identify, address, and overcome the fears that are holding you back from taking the action necessary to move your life forward.

You will be empowered with the freedom of designing the goals and outcomes that will transform you and your life.

But before you do that, I would like to take the next 60 seconds to describe to you how to get the most out of reading this book. It’s a very simple four step process that will help you develop the proper mindset to maximize your results.

The first step is that you took the time to invest in yourself. Congratulations to you for being ahead of the curve!

The second step is to find out exactly where you are in life and what you are looking for. This step is about being honest and open with yourself about where you are in life and where you want to be. You will move forward faster towards what you desire when you have a clearer and honest understanding of where you are now. This is the time to get real with yourself, not hold back from playing full-out and answering the tough questions which you may have avoided in the past.

Step three is learning the abundance of techniques and strategies I have laid out for you. Think of these strategies and techniques like that old-school black bag that physicians used to carry around. They would have so many tools and items that could treat a variety of different ailments and each one had its purpose. Here, I’m going to present you with multiple tools and items in the form of assignments. Some are verbal, some mental, and others are physical in the form of written documentation.

Step four, put the techniques and strategies that resonate with you into action to become that new and enhanced YOU! Those will be the ones that will empower you the most, getting you quicker to the outcomes that you desire. It will be as simple as mastering two or three tools in order to get the best out of you!

I'm excited for your journey!  Check out the book today because you are definitely worth it!