My Name is FRED - children's illustrated book by Remy Agee

My Name is FRED - children's illustrated book free book promotion Remy Agee

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It's tough for a child who doesn't feel he/she fits in. And hard for parents and grandparents to watch.

Welcome FRED the purple frog. None of the other animals believe he's a real frog, because he doesn't look like all the other frogs. Yet FRED is confident in what he is. As he  repeats  throughout the book...

"I AM a frog. I AM, you see. This is who I AM. This is ME."

This charming story illustrated with hand drawn, colorful images has a surprising ending. And the message is clear:to cihildren and adults as well: Be who you are. And accept others, even if they're different.

This is a true favorite of well as a timely message for people of all ages!