Realm Source - an epic space fantasy by Vincent B. Moneymaker

Realm Source - an epic space fantasy discount book promotion sites Vincent B. Moneymaker

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Possessed by a quintress and helped by her niece, Rickard Ockyear seeks a way into the Underbyss to rescue his daughter and find out what happened to the spirit of his murdered wife.  They are joined by a dark being who knows a way into the depths but who is not who he seems to be. Will he help them or sacrifice them to bring back his lost love?

Even if he aids them, there may not be time to find those they seek.  With the fallen having arisen and seeking to use the living to ascend to worlds beyond imagining, every realm of existence may be overwhelmed. 

Or will Princess Corsalayne, who's lost everyone she's loved, and has had to begin again as a lowly acolyte in an order of priestesses, find the key to stopping the incursions from the fallen realms?   The Eye from the Realm Source may be that key.  But will Corsalayne discover where it's hidden before the fallen do?  Or will the Eye be taken from this existence into whatever lies beyond?

With gods and universes born from the Realm Source and then tamed by those who've ascended to the white realms, the Eye may not even belong here. Or if it does, it may be what finally unleashes all the furies from the depths of hell.

Only the one from beyond the Realm Source knows its true purpose but he was cast down when the knights from a white realm lost control of a crux numen in a newborn realm.  It awoke before they could master it and only a very few, including the one from beyond, succeeded in escaping from it.  Lost in the sundered depths, he also seeks the Eye and, if he finds it, it may bring salvation to the living or it may mean that all existence is to be destroyed.