Trapped: Until You Love Me - A Kidnapping Romance Novel by Mila Olsen

Trapped: Until You Love Me - A Kidnapping Romance Novel book promotion sale Mila Olsen

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Trapped. A story of deep love. Disturbing, intense and beautiful.

He takes her into the wilderness. He says she’s the light in his darkness ...

Nothing irks Louisa more than life in the tiny boring Ash Springs, in the middle of the Nevada desert. She longs for fun and adventure. When camping with her four brothers in the Sequoia National Park, she meets the mysterious Brendan. Her fate takes a dramatic turn, because for Brendan, it’s not a chance encounter at all. He has planned every step of Louisa’s abduction. He carries her off into the wilderness of Canada, to a place where there are only spruces, blue skies, wolves, and stoats. He says she is his light in the dark. For Louisa, a time of fear and despair begins in which she is increasingly confronted with Brendan’s traumatic past.

Soon he will be much more to her than just her captor. Compassion, affection, and dependence mingle and throw Louisa into a deep emotional chaos. Above all, two questions are becoming increasingly important: Can you love your captor? Just how dangerous is Brendan?