Make Me Tick - a fun mystery thriller by Nick Carr

Make Me Tick - a fun mystery thriller book promotion Nick Carr

Lighthearted, witty...a little sexy... thriller with moments of genuine suspense. Jim Kirby saves the life of a stranger, only to find he has walked into a whole lot of trouble...Hold on to your hats...

He burst into the room as she backed herself further into the corner, eyes wide with terror. He made to grab at her and suddenly she found her voice. Screaming and screaming she scratched and thumped at him trying to fight him off….a reflex kick made him back off and double over for a second…but no. Not a chance.

He had her!

From the author:

I originally planned to write a thriller but found myself dropping in funny lines from the start and in the end its more like a cross between the lady vanishes and his girl Friday! I couldn't keep the fun out of it but apparently readers still end up in suspense on the edge of their seats so maybe it's a thriller after all.