Love Hard - an adult contemporary romance book by Barbara Justice

Love Hard - an adult contemporary romance book promotion service Barbara Justice

Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to fall in love with a famous musician?

Love Hard takes the reader on a steamy trip from Nashville to the Hamptons, on tour buses and private jets, testing the limits of love, obsession and jealousy.

When Meg Novak's best friend invites her to go backstage at a concert by the Johnson Bishop Band, she never dreams that she'll catch the eye of Sky Johnson, the band's hot lead singer with a bad-boy reputation.  To her surprise, Sky asks Meg to join him at the band's after-party later that evening.  When they spend the night talking, Sky takes Meg’s number and promises to call her, but never does. Just when she begins to lose hope, a motorcycle accident reunites them, and sparks fly.  In spite of Sky's flirting and attempts at seduction, an unusual arrangement requires Meg to keep Sky at arm's length.  But once they give in to their desire, a delusional fan puts lives in danger when she decides she wants Sky to herself.
“Work hard, play hard” is Sky’s life motto.  Can he learn how to love hard?

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