She Speaks - Short Stories by Indian Women around the World

She Speaks - Short Stories by Indian Women around the World book promotion service

This collection of short stories offers a fresh perspective of the global Indian experience in the 21st century, as seen through women's eyes. Here you will find stories written by women living and working in India, as well as stories written by those who live across the world, in places as far-flung as the United States of America, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Indonesia and New Zealand amongst others. The stories speak of love, of anger, of sorrow, of desire as well as hope. They give voice to ideas of displacement and the art of making anew in unfamiliar spaces. Proudly and defiantly multicultural, these stories do not shirk away from disquieting themes which challenge the status quo and shine a light on social currents and topics which straddle the collision of idealism and reality. Everything, from the quest for emancipation to the looming threat of female feticide to the stories of the every woman, as she asserts her identity in a new land to the stories of women who use their pasts to write their presents and even the story of those who have been affected by a hidden exodus. Every such tale has found a home within these pages. While many of these stories fall into the genre regarded as contemporary fiction, others are fine examples of sci-fi while yet others still, retell the tales of figures from mythology, reimagining them as they negotiate the trials and turbulences of modern life. These stories will resonate with every reader keen to support the voices of women more often written about, than writing.