Up To You: Thailand & The Naughty Nightlife of Pattaya by Doctor Hoi & Go-Go Gonzo

Up To You: Thailand & The Naughty Nightlife of Pattaya book promotion service Doctor Hoi & Go-Go Gonzo

Those depressions of the winter that one hears about – one might even suffer from them. These can be suppressed, maybe even cured, with a trip to Thailand. It is amazing what a dose of sunshine does for the body and soul. The Doc and Go-Go want you to read this book as a rough guide only. They very much want you to enjoy Thailand – particularly Pattaya – without making the same mistakes they have. They want to give you an idea of what to expect, particularly in the minefield that is the naughty nightlife scene. However, nothing in this book will prepare you for the visual treats, smells, tastes, sounds of Thailand. It is best to just do it and take the plunge. All of the stories and anecdotes in this book are true and accurate to the best of Go-Go and Doc’s recollection.