Vindication - a Military Science Fiction book by Ken Wolfson

Vindication - a gripping military science-fiction book promotion Kenneth Wolfson

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Commander Adrian Huxton thought he could retire, the first lowborn to command a mighty supercarrier.

He thought he could be a father in peace.

He thought the United Systems he bled to defend would last without him.

Instead, Emoche Hulle, a man claiming to be a prophet with his ear to god, launches a massive uprising that shatters the Systems in two. Adrian is betrayed by his friends and assaulted on all sides in a whirling space battle. He's left adrift in his damaged supercarrier, Vindication, light years from his daughter and home.

In the far future, monsters roam the depths of space. Adrian isn't one of them, he's only human. Yet he's a veteran soldier and a father, and it will take all of his skill to save himself and his daughter. He needs to rally his demoralized crew and lead Vindication back into the fight against former friends, and new enemies alike.

He may have met his match. Emoche may or may not be a prophet with divine power at his back, but that doesn't matter. Adrian's job is to protect the Systems and save his daughter, and if he must take on the greatest army ever assembled, he will do so. For no one has fury like a parent whose child is in danger, and no parent has fury like Adrian Huxton.

Armadas clash in the depths of space, long after all memory of earth has been lost.