Nate - an engaging MC romance book by C.M. Marin

Nate - an engaging MC romance book promotion C.M. Marin

The president of a biker club can only be bad news. Deep down, I know that. At least, my head does. As for my heart… Staring into Nate’s intense green eyes, what my heart sees is a caring, protective man who will stop at nothing to make sure no harm comes my way. A man who reminds me what it is to feel alive every time he stares back at me. Every time his hands worship my body. Inevitably, I’m falling for him. And as quickly, I find my place in his family.

But when my past reveals all its secrets and threatens Nate’s life, there’s only one thing I can do. I have to silence my heart and turn away from the man I love without looking back. But like most things in life, my return to the life that was mine before I met Nate doesn’t go as planned.