Shadow of the Overlord - A thrilling Epic Fantasy by Kevin Potter

Shadow of the Overlord - A thrilling Epic Fantasy book promotion by Kevin Potter

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $6.99) 5/30/2019 - 6/5/2019!

Do you love dragons, but tired of "dragon books" that are really about dragon riders or use dragons only as villains?

Do you love the immersion and imagination of epic fantasy, but tired of spending 500 pages in the middle being bored?

Have you been waiting for the next big fantasy epic that isn't just another Game of Thrones clone, focusing on politics and nobility?

Then Shadow of the Overlord might just be exactly the thing you're looking for!

Here you'll find more than 1,100 pages filled with a large cast of interesting characters, more than one of which is a complex dragon with its own thoughts, feelings, motivations, and goals. You'll find monsters, mayhem, war, magic, big world-shaking events, and heart-wrenching character moments.

Meet Rintalas, a half-elven assassin on a mission that could decide the fate of nations.

Graumdor is a young scholar who decides he wants to be a warrior, only to learn the honor and integrity he thought ruled his tribe has never really existed.

And Quill is a member of an alien race of dragons plotting to dominate the world, but he's not so sure they're doing the right thing. What if the peoples of the world are wise enough to govern themselves?

Pull up a chair, settle in with your favorite beverage, and dig in to the first book in an all new epic fantasy series early readers are comparing to The Wheel of Time and A Song of Ice and Fire.