The Pregnant Pause - an inspirational story of hope by Lori Alcorn

The Pregnant Pause - an inspirational story of hope discount book promotion Lori Alcorn

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Lori Alcorn, a 13 year veteran of infertility, gives birth to a lifelong dream in her debut book The Pregnant Pause: Finding Positivity When All The Results Are Negative. With a play on words, Lori uses humor to put a new spin on the definition of a pregnant pause, “a pause used for timing to increase expectation, that carries the expectation that it will be followed by something significant”.  After all, this described her journey perfectly, a life on pause while she carried the expectation one day her dream of motherhood would finally arrive. 

Most of her life Lori wanted to be both a mother and an author, now she can laugh at the irony that her first book is about her inability to become a mother.  Still stuck in the pause all these years later, Lori wanted to share a story that could resonate with all women stuck in the metaphorical, and maybe even literal, waiting room of still expecting to become expecting.  In The Pregnant Pause, Lori wrestles with the challenges that come when every pregnancy and fertility test comes up negative.  Over and over she finds herself asking ‘what next?’ but the answers grew as elusive as the joy along the way.

One day it became clear that the losses she was experiencing were also having a very negative impact.  Something needed to change.  Taking matters into her own hands, she intentionally hit pause on the trying and began to seek out different results, after all she’d lost she wasn’t about to lose her joy too. Once she found her way through the negativity, finding new dreams and a new purpose, Lori was determined to use her experiences to help others, so that infertility was no longer isolating but inclusive.  Lori shares her story the only way she knows how, with honesty and humor and hope.