Two For Eternity - fantasy thriller book by Carl Alves

Two For Eternity - fantasy thriller book promotion service Carl Alves

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Carl Alves’s debut novel is both an historical and contemporary fantasy thriller that that takes many controversial interpretations of history.  The novel follows two immortal characters, Raiken and Vrag from the beginning of mankind to modern day using many historical settings as a backdrop.  Vrag pulls the strings of malevolent leaders, and causes endless destruction and chaos.  Raiken is humanity’s defender against his immortal enemy.  The novel spans human history from ancient Egypt and Babylon, through the time of Christ in Judea, spanning the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and World War II. 

From Carl Alves: “When writing this novel, I wanted to put a different spin on historical events from what you might read in text books.  There’s a saying that he who wins the war writes the history, and the true story of what happened doesn’t always get told.  My novel offers a different perspective on certain historical events.”