Eris Renard - a crime thriller book by S.K. Epperson

Eris Renard - a crime thriller book promotion S.K. Epperson

We first met our hero Eris Renard in the novel GREEN LAKE, reviewed and rated by nearly ten-thousand people at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Goodreads. Many adored the stoic Eris and clamored for more of him at the end of the story. Well he's finally back, in a ten years later tale, partnering with a surly man named Winter Slocum, who finds missing people for a living. Eris joins him in a rescue of a young Scandinavian woman and confirms that he's ever the magnet for crazies, who find that our native badass is still willing to put his life on the line when it comes to saving the innocent. And thwarting aliens.