Prudence in Hollywood - short stories by Ralph Cissne

Prudence in Hollywood - short stories kindle book promotion Ralph Cissne

“I adore these stories, a rare glimpse into Hollywood at the end of the twentieth century––before Instagram and the Kardashians––a time of innocence and true love and longing. They made me feel glad to be alive and hopeful for our future.”

– Jamie Cat Callan, author of Parisian Charm School

“The stories in Ralph Cissne’s collection are funny, poignant, and perfectly wistful about the search for love. Like your favorite song, their musical language resonates long after you’ve done reading.”

– Diana Wagman, author of Life #6

“The genius of the author’s plots is the twists and turns that precipitously balance over the line between melancholy and inspirational. The finesse employed in setting the romantic and sexual scenes is a credit to any author, and his stage settings are as carefully arranged as if drawn by an artist.”

– US Review of Books

“I went to the gynecologist last week, which isn’t all that unusual except I’m a man. Prudence insisted I go.” So begins the title story of this collection exploring the matrix of modern American relationships.

From Farewell True Love to Prudence in Hollywood, Lover Boy to Laughing Stock, Claim to Fame and Alpha Girl, we follow quirky characters pursuing love with surprising and often humorous consequences: a long-term romance ends; the love junkie meets his match; an Elvis impersonator crashes his class reunion; a stand-up comedian faces her fears; Hollywood personal training clients realize their dreams; a blended family heals emotional wounds.