Ripple Effect: Because Of The War - a book by Jenny Ferns

Ripple Effect: Because Of The War - kindle book promotion by Jenny Ferns

D-day and Victory in Europe Day are celebrated. The soldiers are praised for their valor. Those left behind have their own battles to fight. The ripple effect, of the war, good and bad, spread far and wide in the world.

Ripple Effect: Because Of The War” is a historical novel set in England in the WWII era. This would appeal to women who struggle with issues of raising a family, adoption, loneliness with absent partners, and the repercussions of PTSD. The novel shows the effect of the war on a family.

A young child loses her mother in the bombing of London. Her childless aunt adopts her, delighted to have a child, and raises her as her own, but does not reveal anything about her biological mother.  The struggles to survive the hardships, losses and joys of women left to run the country are vividly shown. Everyday life in England is fascinating, many years ago. The return of an air force hero from the war brings problems to the family with his PTSD and alcoholism until he confronts his pain. 

The characters are drawn with depth and humor as each deal with their secrets and struggle to lead normal lives after the war. The family almost falls apart until they learn to trust and heal.